Storage and transhipment

BM Interfreight also arranges storage and transhipment

Due to its perfect location between the seaport of Rotterdam, Flushing and Antwerp and its tri-modal terminal, Moerdijk is a popular location for distribution to the European market.

Your goods from containers for example will not always be transported directly to the end receiver. Via our permanent partners, we can arrange the storage and transhipment of your goods against very favourable tariffs.

We can also have VAL activities performed for you, for more information we like to refer you to the page Value Added Logistics.

Storage and transhipment on all locations within the Netherlands can be discussed. Via our permanent partners, we have access to various storage locations in the Netherlands.

Why arrange your storage and transhipment via BM Interfreight?

BM Interfreight offers you a reliable, flexible and efficient service, where the customer’s wish is central!

Would you like more information about our storage and transhipment options?
Please contact our sales department via the via contact form or call +31 (0)168 820398.

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General terms and conditions

All our work activities are subject to the Dutch shipping conditions (FENEX conditions), filed at the court of Amsterdam, Arnhem, Breda and Rotterdam (latest version), including the mentioned arbitrage clause (article 23 FENEX conditions), if requested we will send these to you free of charge.